"DAM BEAVER TRAPPING SUPPLIES" has all your trapping needs!

About Us

We are a business with many years of trapping experience.  We have a full range of traps, lures and accessories for the beginner or experienced trapper.  Contact us today for pricing, ordering, or just general trapping information:

Ian & Cory Bugera

104 - 4th Avenue SW

P.O. Box 178

      Rhein, SK   S0A 3K0

(20 minutes NE of Yorkton, SK)

**** NOTE:  We have a new phone

and fax number at the store!

Phone:  (306) 273-2025 (store)

or (306) 273-4888 (home)

Fax:       (306) 273-2026

             E-mail:  dambeaver@sasktel.net  


 You've heard about it ....

You've waited for it ...

And now it's here !!!!

The brand new "Dam Beaver Trapping Supplies" store

is ready and open for business !

Located in Rhein, SK at 101 - 4th Avenue SW (across from our house)

Ready to serve you.... we are stocked and ready for the upcoming trapping season!   Come and check us out !



Get your Christmas shopping done here! 

Drop off the wife and kids in Yorkton and come visit us... just 20 minutes away....

 We would also like to announce that we are now a depot for Fur Harvesters Auction Inc. 

Click on the website below to see Saskatchewan pickup dates:




Please note that ....all furs must be dropped off

at Dam Beaver Trapping Supplies, Rhein, SK

*** no later than December 12, 2014 ***

for the January 2015 fur sale, and

*** no later than January 14, 2015 *** 

for the March 2015 fur sale.




CHECK IT OUT.... Monthly Specials for November/December !!

  • Ram #2 Power Snares                  $16.00 EACH / reg. $20
  • Mini Ram Power Snares               $12.00 EACH/ reg. $17

                                                         (while supplies last) 

104 - 4th Avenue SW
Rhein, Saskatchewan S0A3K0

 Check out our PRICE LIST under the "Price List" tab shown above. 

Please call or e-mail if you cannot open the PRICE LIST. 

 We are based out of our home, so PLEASE PHONE AHEAD to see when we are available. 

All calls and e-mails are checked daily, so please leave a message

and we will get back to you as soon as we can!  Thanks!

Who We Serve...

We are located in Saskatchewan and sell trapping supplies ALL ACROSS CANADA for the beginner to the experienced trapper.  We offer advice and the right tools you need to catch your prey, as we understand the excitement of trapping!  Finding an animal in your trap for the 1st or 100th time, the excitement never goes away!  We look forward to serving you!

We carry.....

  -  LPDQ Sauvageau, Belisle, Victor, Bridger, Duke and 

   Northwoods body grip traps 

 - Victor, Bridger, Newhouse and Duke legholds

 - Ram Power Snares and free-hanging snares

 - Forsyth Animal Lures, Caven's Lures and Barnes Lures

 - Caribou Custom Knives

 - Waxes, dyes, stretchers and everything else you need for


Also, for your hunting needs, we carry "Grims Monster Mix" for deer, elk and moose, and "Grims Bear Bait" for bear. 

 Hudson Bay Trade Show

April 2014

Award for Best Commercial Display

(Cory and Ian - below)

 Parkland Outdoor Show and Expo

March 2014

Yorkton, SK


104 - 4th Avenue SW, Rhein, Saskatchewan | 306-273-4888