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Stan Forsyth from Forsyth Animal Lures is proud to announce his new DVD is for sale !!!  

"From the Trapline" is available at 
Dam Beaver Trapping Supplies for $39.95 each! Get yours today for first-hand trapping tips and demonstrations to help you in your next trapping season!  

Ride along with professional trapper and lure maker Stan Forsyth, as he shares over 40 years canine trapping experience in the farm lands of Alberta. This video is the real deal, nothing staged and is chocked full of his actual field knowledge. Stan cuts thru all the mysteries and shares his knowledge with simple and effective deadly sets, that will help you understand the elusive coyote and make large catches. Watch how a seasoned trapper adjusts and adapts to environment and severe weather changes. Topics covered are trap treating, bedding materials, skull sets, flat sets, dirt hole variations, freeze proof sets, tools and equipment, lure and urine usage, staking methods, 3-point locations, hot spots, skunk dispatch, essence removal, and many more tips and tricks. 

Tons of action and catches!


Having been trapping off and on for over 40 years, I read how early trappers made some of their own knives from old trap springs.  In the early 1800s trappers traded once a year at rendezvous for a Green River or other professionally made knife, but as trappers, you need more than one knife. If the original was lost or stolen you had a whole year until you could get another factory-made knife.  The only high grade tempered steel available was your rifle (not something to be “re-purposed”!) if you still had it, or trap springs. Into the early 1900’s backwoodsmen and guides like Ben Lilly were known for their handmade trap spring knives.

While replacing springs on some old traps a few years ago, with new replacement springs from Dam Beaver, I learned how tough trap spring steel really is. Now I make old trap springs into knives, with 1 to 2 long springs making smaller knives and numbers 3 and 4 making bigger hunting knives. Trap springs are heated, straightened, ground, then re-tempered in my forge. Handles so far have been made from Saskatchewan whitetail and mule deer antler, or wood.  Solid brass pins are used and all knives are full tang and shaving-sharp.  Small pelters have spent cartridge handles, and are intended for delicate skinning work.

All my knives are meant to be used, and they are made in the “mountain man” style to appear period correct. They are meant to look handmade because they are, and no 2 knives will ever be exactly the same. Each hand sewn sheath leather sheath secures the knife with a solid antler hook as there were no snaps in the 1800s.

I do some custom work. If you have a trap spring, an antler or piece of wood that means something to you, it may be able to be turned into a knife.  Realize not all traps springs will straighten, and not all antler will polish so it may take more material than a single piece to create a knife. However it will be a ready to use, and it will be unique. This is all a very time consuming process, but the final product is meant to last a lifetime !

See the knives at Dam Beaver today !


Trapper and Knife Maker

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 Davy Crockett - style

Coon Hat

$185.00 each

XL in stock

Other sizes available

 One of Canada's most notable trappers shares a lifetime of stories!!

"Child of the Wilderness"

by Milton Eugene (Gene) Walters

On the trapline at the age of 9, and there for 73 years! 

Makes an ideal gift!!

$28.50 each


We now carry a good variety of Havalon Knives and replacement blades. 

Prices range from $55 - $57 each




Arctic, Silver and Red fox keychains

$20 - $25 each

Raccoon and Bobcat

Tail keychains

$10 each


We have a HUGE selection of 

bear traps ranging in price from 

$275 - $900 

These are for decoration only and will look great in any den, cabin or Man-Cave!  

If you are buying this as a gift, we can ship it directly to the recipient for you.