Stan Forsyth is one of the top coyote trapping experts in Canada!


Stan has another DVD for sale - "Canine Foothold Snow Trapping". Along with his first DVD - "From the Trapline - Coyote Trapping" these videos will teach you everything he knows !!! Check out the YouTube videos for each below.
Now available at Dam Beaver Trapping Supplies !!!
Made exclusively for Dam Beaver Trapping Supplies


Locally hand-made to fit most 120/155 size body grip traps.

These boxes have a separate bait container with hinged door. Long and deep, they are ideal for marten trapping !

We now also have in stock 160 size wood boxes for fisher.

Stock up now!

"Dam Beaver" Lures

We are excited to announce our very own line of lures! Descriptions and prices listed below. Give them a try and let us know how they work for you!
Code: DBL-1


The old lumberjack cannot refuse this heavy paste lure - it is spiced with rare oils and glands. Different from any other lure on the market !

$22.00 for 100 mL
Code: DBL-2


Formulated for the extreme winters of Canada in mind. This one contains the pure quill skunk essence, for long range. A sweet blend of undertone odors makes this one superior for a wide variety of animals. Sure to become your personal favorite on the trapline!!

$22.00 for 100 mL
Code: DBL-3


This highly aromatic, thick, waterproof base is deadly on muskrats, whether in the Fall or Spring. You can count on it to make your payday.

$22.00 for 100 mL
Code: DBL-4

"DAM" Canine LURE

This old formula contains a blend of glands and special musks properly seasoned. You can count on this lure to attract them in and work your sets.

Developed for cats, fox and coyotes.

$22.00 for 100 mL
Code: DBL-5


An excellent sweet-smelling curiosity bait for all types of predators.

Will work on anything from weasel to wolf.

$22.00 for 100 mL
Code: DBL-6

"DAM" mink LURE

This viscous-type base is jam-packed full of natural authentic glands, and curiosity agents to attract any furbearers.

Specially formulated to attract the mink.

$22.00 for 100 mL
Code: DBL-7

"DAM" raccon LURE

No other rascal lure on the market like this one! Very bold and spicy - they can't pass this one up!

$22.00 for 100 mL
Code: DBL-8


This heavy based marten recipe contains no skunk essense, but don't underestimate its true calling power! It's extremely attractive to the weasel family! (no skunks were harmed in the making of this lure!)

$22.00 for 100 mL
Code: DBL-9

"DAM" wolf LURE

A heavy gland-based Passion Potion !

This scent reeks of the real wolf !

$22.00 for 100 mL
Code: DBL-10


Developed and formulated for the harsh winters of the north! This thick-based lure will appeal to all canines, because of its carefully blended food base undertones and seasoned skunk musk pods. This not a one-punch lure. Soon to be your favourite on the line!

$22.00 for 100 mL


Ready for any leg-hold trap. Very well-made and locally-made!

Traps sold separately.



We now have a good supply of Muskrat Funnel/Submarine traps. They are approximately 30" long x 12" diameter.

These are locally made and are of excellent quality.

  • Locally made
  • Excellent quality

Stackable Marten/Fisher trap boxes

  • Separate bait compartment

  • Stackable

  • Wood - well made - to last a long time

  • Fits body grip traps from 120 - 220

  • Great for raccoon on ground sets