Jason Engele of 
Engele Trapping 
with a few episodes on Dam Beaver Trapping Supplies: The Real Deal.

You can find more videos of snaring coyotes 
by Jason on YouTube - "Engele Trapping".

Kent Michie of Trigger Effect on The Hunting Channel proudly stands in front of his latest catch of fox and coyotes
picture of coyotes laying flat caught by Kent Michie of Trigger Effect

Kent Michie of 
"Trigger Effect" on The Hunting Channel says ...

Just wanted to send you all a pic of my last shipment of hides.  Thanks again for all your help and expertise.

I look forward to next season already.                    April 2021

Dustin  Jeffrey 

"Best catch - 8 coyotes on one bait with Power Rams"

April 2021
Gage Stricker 
of Rhein, SK ... 
posing in a pair of skunk mitts and skunk hat !!!

(Mitts and hat for sale at Dam Beaver Trapping Supplies !! )

Calin Bugera's Hunting Trip to South Africa !!!

Read all about his exciting hunting adventure in South Africa, made possible by The Real Deal with Marc !!!

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Calin Bugera of Dam Beaver Trapping Supplies Ltd. posing in Africa with the kudu he just harvested
Calin Bugera of Dam Beaver Trapping Supplies Ltd. in Africa posing with the wildebeest he just harvested
Adam Knutson and family with their "Dam Beaver" hoodies !!
(Nov 2020)
Adam is one of our fur drop-off locations by Wapella, SK

Thanks for all your help Adam!!
Adam Knutson Saskatchewan Fur Harvesters Auction fur drop off location Wapella SK
Duane Barlow Prince Albert SK

Here is a picture of my son Hunter (7 years old) with part of our 2018-2019 catch. He wears that toque everywhere he goes that you gave him last fall when we ran down for trap supplies. Total fur count was 26 coyote , 8 fox, 16 marten, 8 otter, 1 fisher, 4 beaver, 7 mink and 8 weasels. Thanks for the great service and will be down again next fall for a supply run.

 Duane Barlow

Prince Albert, SK

Congratulations to first-time trapper, Kaden Malashewski, from Roblin, Manitoba, on this beautiful marten !!!
(January 2019)
Kaden Malashewski Roblin Manitoba trapping marten
Gavin Cranmer-Sargison Saskatoon SK trapping beaver

Hi Ian,

Here is a picture of my daughter, 

Grace Lavigne with her spring 2018 beaver catch. All caught with gear purchased from Dam Beaver!

Cheers, Gavin

Photo submitted by Gavin Cranmer-Sargison of Saskatoon, SK

Check this out !!!

This beaver is 101 lbs and 66" from nose to tail !!!

Congrats to Dwayne Lazar on catching it!

You can see Dwayne's YouTube videos at 

Triple Nickel Trapper !!!

Dwayne Lazar of Triple Nickel Trapper trapping beaver
Ken Gartner Grenfell SK trapping coyotes

"I just wanted to say thank you again as I remain impressed with your Dam Beaver Coyote Lure as well as other lure lines.

I set a new location for coyotes on Jan. 2/17 and used the lure as I always do.
It was -41C that night with a steady breeze blowing throughout the night. The following morning of Jan 3/17, I had 7 beautiful fully primed coyotes to collect. I contribute alot of that overnight success to your superb line of lure products. It works effectively even in extremely cold conditions which is important for me as a deep winter trapper. 
I say this to all trappers - I recommend this canine lure and strongly suggest to give it a try. It will increase your catch rates. This has been proven on my traplines time and time again." 

Ken Gartner, Grenfell, SK

First-time trapper,

Cody Strutynski

of Stornoway, SK

with his first 2 beavers !!!

Cody Strutynski Stornoway SK trapping beaver
Eugene Farnden Hazelwood SK trapping beaver

WOW!   A 97-pound beaver caught by Eugene Farnden of Hazelwood, SK !!!!

Kelly Pickens from Assiniboia proudly displays his latest catch!

Kelly Pickens Assiniboia SK trapping coyotes
Ed Drapak trapping beaver using Dam Beaver Lure

 "Hi Ian. I just wanted to send you a quick message saying thanks again for the beaver lure that you sent me on my last trap order from you.

The texture of the lure is perfect and beavers can't resist it. I do a fair bit of problem beaver trapping and its nice to use a lure that gets them all on the first night.

I will definitely be ordering more for this coming spring."

Thanks again,
Ed Drapak

"I just wanted to drop you a note and say THANK YOU for the great service you provide.  I received my order today and there were absolutely no problems with it.  Once again thank you and looking forward to ordering from you again, soon"

..... Doug Simpson

Congrats to first-time trappers......

Justin Olver and Caitlin Williams

of Glenavon, SK on their successful

catch!  (2015/2016)

Justin Olver and Caitlin Williams trapping beavers and coyotes


Veteran canine trapper Ken Gartner of Grenfell, Saskatchewan knows the value of a good lure. He uses "Dam Beaver" brand lures and is very pleased with the results. The Long Distance Canine Call Lure worked extremely well on coyote and fox and brings them in.

Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!

Ken Gartner Grenfell SK uses Dam Beaver Long Distance Canine Call Lure for trapping coyotes

Another great start to the year by the LeBlanc family from Roblin, MB.

February 2016

LeBlanc family Roblin MB trapping coyotes and fox
LeBlanc family Roblin MB trapping coyotes


Jered Luedtke wrote:

"Hey Ian, thought you'd like to check out this brute I snared!! If it wasn't for your shop being so quick and helpful I may not have got the opportunity to take this. So I thank you and your wife for everything! The beaver hasn't been weighed yet but I figure 70lbs or more, I'm 6'4 350lbs and this beaver looks like half of me!  Thanks again!"

Jered Luedtke trapping beaver
Taylor Sliva Preeceville SK trapping lynx

Congrats to Taylor Sliva of

Preeceville, SK who says ....

 "Thanks guys for all the help!

         Finally got my first cat"

(January 2016)

Couple pics of wolves from Rocky Mountain House, AB - 2015

wolves at Rocky Mountain House AB
wolves at Rocky Mountain House AB
Dave Weiman trapping marten

Marten caught by Dave Weiman of Sawyer Lake.

Rob Harbour trapping marten


Rob Harbour's marten catch in a "Dam Beaver" box in the Mountain Road area.

                                             Mike LeBlanc from Roblin, MB

                 with some pics of his son and a few of his first year animals. (2014-2015)

Mike LeBlanc Roblin MB trapping coyotes
Mike LeBlanc Roblin MB trapping wolves
Mike LeBlanc Roblin MB trapping fox
Mike LeBlanc Roblin MB trapping marten
Mike LeBlanc Roblin MB trapping coyotes

 Kevin Shearer and his son trapping near Lake of the Prairies, SK - 2014/2015

They had a great year and love their hobby!

Kevin Shearer trapping coyotes
Kevin Shearer fur trapping
Lyndon Ryhorski fur trapping
Lyndon Ryhorski fur trapping

 Calin Bugera and Brandi Neibrandt with a nice muskrat catch!

Brandi Neibrandt and Calin Bugera trapping muskrats


Lyndon Ryhorski with his 3-week harvest !

Lyndon Ryhorski fur trapping

 Jeremy Edwards of Hudson Bay with a day's catch of beaver!

Jeremy Edwards Hudson Bay trapping beaver


Hana Ruf caught a 70 lb beaver near Willowbrook, SK

Hana Ruf trapping beaver